Polar Artists Collective

top view of ice land
top view of ice land

What is it?

I decided it would be an interesting idea to get a community of artists together to work on exhibitions and general polar-themed projects, so I founded the Polar Artists Collective in January 2024.

Now we're a group of around 50 artists, musicians, writers and photographers whose work is based around polar themes. These include environment, animals, history, people, and culture. I also hope to showcase work by indigenous artists from the Arctic. We plan to put on multiple group exhibitions throughout the year, all of which will be available online through Kunstmatrix virtual galleries.

If you're looking for art for a particular polar project, please do get in touch, we have a lot of different specialisms and can put you in touch with some incredibly talented people!

You can find us on Instagram and Twitter/X and you can email us at polarartistscollective@gmail.com